Reused “pots” – a new life for old wellies

My trusty welllies have got me through years of volunteering, work, walking and camping until the soles were slick and the green upper became visible through the bottom of the boot. My aversion to throwing things away led me to find a new use for them when the time finally came to replace them – plant pots!

I’ve listed the simple steps I took below, in case anyone else like me is looking to jump on the “unconventional pots” band wagon and would like any tips.

1. Make holes in the soles

I (unwisely) thought I’d find it easy to poke or hammer a nail through the worn-thin soles in several places to make drainage holes. The tough rubber just wasn’t having it. I switched to (and would recommend) drilling holes instead.

I made 6-8 holes per boot

2. Put some stones in the bottom of the boots

About 1cm of stones/gravel/other similar material will help the water drain away and stop the soil becoming waterlogged.

3. Fill with soil

Pretty self explanatory.

I’ve stalled at the last step so far, though. I can’t decide what to plant.

I love the idea of having daffodils sprouting out of my wellies, but would also love to have wildflowers growing out of them all summer to make a mini pollinator-friendly area. Any advice and ideas are always more than welcome!

I’m constantly thinking about creative ways to get planting without taking up too much space or spoiling the (rented) grass.

I have a feeling this will remain one of my favourites!

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