I work on a nature reserve, so am very lucky that I get to survey species, use professional (big, scary) tools and vehicles, and work on large-scale habitat-management projects on a beautiful reserve as part of my “day-job”. I have the privilege of spending my work-day helping wildlife, but I know from experience that attempting to make time to think about the environment around work/study/family/eating/sleeping/’insert commitments here’ can be a challenge. Not everyone has a lot of land, tools, money or time, but our day-to-day choices are what’s important. Almost everyone can do small things themselves which would make a huge difference for the natural world.

I started this blog to to satisfy my desire to learn, write and make more “eco-friendly” choices in my own life, whilst sharing ideas, inspiration and information about making small changes to welcome wildlife. So if you care about wildlife and want to welcome it into your own life, I hope you enjoy hearing about my efforts, and letting me know about your experiences!

Tufted vetch and Red clover in a wildflower meadow (spot the photobombing bee!)

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