Make do and mend

“Manage with and repair the possessions one already has rather than buying replacements.” Definition from Oxford Languages I naturally live by the “make do” part of make do and mend, wearing and using things until they fall apart due to an aversion to throwing things away, and re-purposing them when I can when they’re beyond… Continue Reading →

Wildlife-welcoming wins

Two things have made me very happy in the garden recently. I wanted to share them as an example of making space for nature without much (if any) time, and without spending a fortune (in my case, spending nothing at all). Bees in bee hotel One Sunday evening in the winter, I spent an hour… Continue Reading →

Surprise seedlings revealed

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was looking forward to seeing what some unlabelled wildflower seedlings would turn into. Their flowers have finally started opening, confirming my growing suspicion of their identity… As some of the first wildflowers out in our garden, they have already been attracting some interest. A quick look… Continue Reading →

Seedling Excitement

About a year ago a made a little wildflower patch in my parents’ garden. This year I’ve gone a bit mad adding pots to my little (rented) patio. The wildflower mixes I used last year gave the added anticipation of waiting to see what appeared, but I decided this time to choose a few specific… Continue Reading →

Reused “pots” – a new life for old wellies

My trusty welllies have got me through years of volunteering, work, walking and camping until the soles were slick and the green upper became visible through the bottom of the boot. My aversion to throwing things away led me to find a new use for them when the time finally came to replace them –… Continue Reading →

Simple Swap – Cleaning with vinegar and baking soda

How did you spend your Friday night? I spent mine getting excited about cleaning bathrooms without cleaners… Maybe not the most fascinating subject, but we were out of cleaner and I wanted to try using vinegar and baking soda. It worked amazingly and there are plenty of “pluses”. It’s cheaper Only 40p for a bottle… Continue Reading →


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