Discovering Species

In my efforts to improve my own ID skills, I do my best to research new species I come across, as well as species I often see but don’t know much about. I have found that the more I learn about an organism, the more I admire it and appreciate its place in the bigger picture. For this reason, I enjoy finding and sharing interesting facts about the wildlife we often overlook day-to-day. There are several species which are severely underrated and others which are well-loved – all of which deserve appreciation!

Any species you’d particularly like to see here? Get in touch!

Beautiful Demoiselle

Red-tailed Bumblebee

Daddy Long Legs (Crane fly)

Wood Ant

Bearded Tit

Seedling excitement (wildflowers at home)


Marmalade Hoverfly feeding on a purple and white flower
Marmalade Hoverfly

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