Simple Swaps

The news and media inundate us with messages for things we all “should” be doing, such as avoiding single-use plastic and making sure we recycle. It is a great thing that awareness is increasing, but as creatures of habit leading busy lives, most of us aren’t doing as much as we could be to help protect the environment. It can seem like a huge task to research which changes are actually worth considering, which are cost-effective, and to actually buy and try new things. Contrary to popular belief, more environmentally friendly options are not automatically more expensive..! Have a look below for inspiration and ideas to make changes which are worthwhile, easy and cheap/money saving.

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Spend less time mowing

Ladies in conservation – A “Simple Swap” which might be a brilliant breakthrough (female-specific content “warning”)

Easiest ways to go packaging-free – deodorant

Give old items a new lease of life

Cleaning with vinegar and baking soda (and why it really does work!)

A new life for old wellies

Make do and mend – slippers and jeans

Laptop refurbishment

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